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The city has become a real TREASURE MAP. Guide your pirate ship walking with your phone by the streets of your city to get the highest score finding the treasures that will appear on your screen.


At the start you will find yourself before a map where you can see the treasures close to you. Press with your finger on any of them and the information about each treasure will appear.


Go and pursue it and when you are near you will enter a 3D world where you will have to chase the treasure through different landscapes with the help of a radar located in the upper right corner.


You should be careful with the skulls that will appear: if you touch them they will take away your energy. To recover the lost energy you can collect potions that appear from time to time.


When you get the treasure you will earn points and return to the starting map. Run for the next one and add as many points as possible!


Each treasure found will give you points according to the difficulty in obtaining it. Treasures with the highest score will move faster and you will have to overcome more obstacles to get them.


On the map you can also see some SPECIAL TREASURES that will earn you lots of points.


Chase them and when you are near, your phone camera will open and a clue will appear.


Follow the indications and when you find the clue solution, SCAN it on your phone. You will see that several objects appear in augmented reality. Press the red button to add up the points and you will return to the main map.


If you run out of energy you will return to the main screen and lose 30 points. Tune up your adventurous instinct, prepare your strategy and move quickly. Play, compete and share your fun with LOVEYOUPLAY.



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  1. To participate you need to have an account in LYP and join the challenge within the stated provided period.
  2. By joining this challenge all players acknowledge they have read, understood and agreed with all rules.
  3. Start and challenge end times represent Madrid local time: (UTC + 1) in winter CET and (UTC + 2) in summer CEST.
  4. Any form of cheating, game mechanics abuse or unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in the player disqualification or even the remove of their LYP account by the administrators.
    Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, the manipulation of scores, cheating with the type of activity performed when recording a route, using different means than those provided in the rules to perform the activity, etc.
  5. Rules may change at any time, so check them frequently. Changes will be marked by placing an asterisk (*) next to the updated rule.
  6. The user is not allowed to share with any other person the account information stored on LYP. This includes but is not limited to the following: usernames, passwords, email accounts, etc. In the event that another person accesses your account, you may be disqualified from the event and removed from LYP.
  7. The administrators will CHECK the scores performed by all the participants and they have the right to declare the game of any player void if alterations are found.
  8. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the loss of the challenge.
  9. LYP is not responsible for any potential misuse that users of the web platform and the apps used to compete. Likewise, it’s not responsible for any accidents that may occur during the games.



  1. Games will take place according to the start and end dates provided on the LYP page related to the specific challenge.
  2. The scores must be uploaded to the server BEFORE the end of the game using the “Exit and submit score” button in the app.
  3. The complete ranking can be seen on the LYP website.
  4. The PROVISIONAL WINNER will be announced on this website and the DEFINITIVE WINNER will be declared after making the appropriate checks.
  5. If a draw, the winner will be the player who first submit his score to LYP.
  6. The games may be saved and reloaded to continue at another time, provided the challenge is active.



  1. Prizes, if any, will be defined in any individual challenge: number of winners, type of prize, etc.
  2. Prizes are subject to changes based on the total number of participants.
  3. LPY staff will contact the winner by email to deliver the prize.