We present you a new way of advertise

If you have a brand or product to show the world…

How do we do it?

In LYP we have created an innovating development for mobile technologies based on Augmented Reality and Geolocation that makes possible to place your brand or product in any place on the planet and make the public interact with it according to your needs.

Interactive Promos

We locate the product you want to promote in any city locations that you want and for a specific time, so people will have to go to that place to get its promotional code and redeem it at your store or headquarters.

Integration with urban games

We integrate your product inside a virtual environment designed according to your needs, in which users will have to overcome tests to get it, fight with creatures, chase it in the streets, etc.

Corporative information

We designed virtual sceneries inside the real world so the audience know how is your business in an intuitive and modern way showing the information that you want to express with a new appearance.

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