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Participate in our events and challenges

Browse the challenge list for your favourite activity and compete against other players with our games or your preferred sports app. Check out the prizes and rewards. Don’t miss out!

Compete with your favourite sports app

If you like sports, LYP connects with your favourite sports app so you can compete with other athletes.

You can connect with Strava, Endomondo, Polar Flow, Garmin Connect, Suunto, Fitbit, Runtastic, Nike Run, Health Fit, Oruxmaps.

Play in your city or in nature

If you prefer to participate in strategy games and move around the city or in nature, download our LYP Games.

Sharpen your wits to find hidden objects, overcome challenges, fight against creatures and many other adventures that will surprise you.

Create your account now and start playing!

Participate with your team

Compete the way you like. Choose the individual modality if you want to overcome your personal challenges or participate in a team if you prefer a collaborative strategy.

Find the team that best suits your abilities and request to join, or if you feel brave enough, create your own team.


And also…

We design and customize your games and apps

In LYP we love that you play and have a lot of fun with us. We are waiting for you to propose new challenges. Take a look at this section and find out some of the things we can do for you: Customized games and apps, Various themes tailored events, Training activities for schools, Outdoor training for companies, etc.