Learn by Playing

Learn By Playing is a game specially designed for schools and other educational centers that have the need to motivate their students to learn in a fun way. Get in touch with us to study your proposals and we will design a customized game according to your needs.

Designed for educational centers

Encourage students to learn in a dynamic and fun way

Custom app to achieve your goals

Configure locations and define all content and tests

Have fun with your colleagues

Answer questions, overcome tests, fight the guardians in Augmented Reality, etc

Earn points, rewards and prizes

Get rewards and compete with your friends learning

The city has become a real GAME MAP. Move with your phone through the streets of your city to get the higher score by FINDING the marked locations and solving the QUESTIONS and the TESTS that will appear on your screen.



Each point on the map corresponds to locations of cultural interest, museums, monuments, parks, libraries, exhibition halls, etc., to which you will have to move to get your points.



When you arrive at the location a window will open and you will have to do some things to continue. In some places we will only tell you a short story so you can learn a little more about your city and you will have to take a selfie to show that you have visited it.



In others we will ask you a question and you will only get the points if you answer it properly.



In others you will have to fight against the portal defenders that will attack you and take away your energy, etc.



And in others you will have to overcome a test with the clues that we will give you to find an object that will appear in AUGMENTED REALITY.



The score will depend on the difficulty to achieve the goal.





At the end you will see your score in the Ranking and how your friends have done.



Move from one location to another, getting as many points as possible and don’t forget that a good way to LEARN is to PLAY. Play, compete and share your fun with LOVEYOUPLAY.

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