Dynamic Augmented Reality for your company

If you have a brand or product to show the world…

How do we do it?

We present your brand in a new way through the application of innovative LoveYouPlay technology, based on Dynamic Augmented Reality (DAR), Geolocation and Gamification, proposing an innovative and dynamic marketing strategy so that users know your products in a different way INTERACTING with them through the streets of the cities.

Presentation of your company in an intuitive and modern way

We design virtual scenarios within the real world so that the public knows what your company is like in an intuitive and modern way, showing the information you want to communicate with a new appearance.

Launch of interactive promotions anywhere in the city

We place the product that you want to promote in the locations of the city that you request for a certain time so that the public moves to those points to obtain, for example, a promotional code and be able to redeem it at your headquarters or store.

Design of geolocated campaigns with which the public interacts

The products will appear moving in predetermined places in the city and the users who approach them will have to carry out some action such as answering questions about the characteristics of their brand, listening to audios, playing videos, etc.

Integration of products in virtual environments within urban games

We integrate any product within a virtual environment designed according to specific needs in which users will have to pass tests to reach it, fight creatures, chase it through the streets, etc.