Dynamic Augmented Reality for Education

If you want your students to learn in a fun way…

How do we do it?

With a set of “experiences” in Dynamic Augmented Reality in which students will have to use their phone or tablet around the school facilities to interact with the contents of the subjects they are studying.

As the student progresses through these experiences demonstrating their knowledge and expertise, they will be awarded points and rewards when they pass certain milestones.

For all subjects

All subjects can be integrated into this system and present their contents in a new way to students according to their level from Infant, Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate to Training Cycles.

Upon arrival at each of the locations, different situations will occur according to the educational needs of that moment so that the student can interact with the content in question.


At the sports center they will have to demonstrate their knowledge of Geography by interacting with the globe and learning new facts about each region.


Upon entering the lobby, molecular structures will appear that students will have to distinguish to earn points.


In the pool you will not only swim. From now on you will be able to listen to audios of musical pieces when passing next to each virtual instrument and you will receive an explanation of the author and the time in which it was composed.


The library can also be an ideal place to learn in a fun way by chasing classic works that play videos when captured.


And why not use the playground to teach a history class fighting against medieval knights?


Dynamic Augmented Reality allows us to introduce 3D objects and characters superimposed on reality with which the student can learn while playing a video game.

And we also develop apps for…

Sports competitions

We develop apps to carry out sports competitions, leagues or championships between classes or courses, both from the same school and with schools from other locations.

Activities in the nature

We design games and gynkanas with fun tests according to the students levels for the colonies, camps or study trips thanks to our geolocation and gamification technology.

Theme games

We set each of the apps according to local festivals, seasons of the year or school festivals (Halloween, Christmas, Sant Jordi, etc.) thus increasing the involvement of students in them.

Dynamic AR Workshops

We give workshops in which we teach the student the basic fundamentals of this technology with an eminently practical orientation through the realization of multiple examples.